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s, my child.I know not wh●erefore I r

ecall it now.” ●“Dost thou doubt me, fathe

r” replied Idali▓e, sadly, and somewhat


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reproachfully.“Thinke●st thou my heart is so engrosse●d with selfish sorrows that I feel no pr●ide, no love for mine ancient race, t▓hat its glory and its power shall ▓decrease with me” “No, no, my noble▓ child.Forgive me, I have pa

fo▓r all hono

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ined thee, y●et I meant it not.” Pausing a moment, he conti▓nued hurriedly, “Idalie, our fait▓h, our blessed faith is tottering, falling in● this land.Each month, each week the her▓etics gain ground; nor will all the bl▓oody acts of Cat

urable and kni

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herine and the pri▓nces of Guise arrest their progr▓ess.Were health and life renewed, I would nei▓ther raise sword nor kindle brand▓ for their destruction; but m●y whole soul trembles for my native l●and.Idalie, my child, I know th●y hea

ghtly deeds.Th

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rt beats true as mine to our ancient● creed.I know thou wilt never t●urn aside thyself from the one true path; but o▓h, for thy dead father’s sake, let no●t a heretic be master of these fair lands, an▓d tempt thy vassals to embrac●e his

e●re have bee

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soul-destroying creed.Thou wilt not▓ wed with heresy, my child” “N▓ever, my father! I can pity and p▓ray for these misguided ones; but nev●er shall my hand be given to one un▓faithful to his God.Yet wherefore this f●ear Am I not the

n times when d

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plighted brid▓e of one who would rather die than lead me● astray, or turn aside himself” The fa●ding eyes of the dying lit suddenly up● with feverish radiance, his che●ek burned, and his mind evidently so f▓ar wandered as to prevent e

aughters, not

chinese dance 大姐

chinese dance 大姐

ither his▓ hearing or understanding his d▓aughter’s last words. “And ▓thou wilt promise this” he ▓said, in a voice at once alarmingly hollow,

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yet▓ strangely excited; “thou wilt solemnly promise● never to give thyself and thy fair heri●tage to the heretic; thou wilt not ▓let the foul spot


blacken our noble l▓ine Promise me this, my child.” Al●armed at the change in his appearanc▓e, and convinced that Montgomeri, who, when ●he left


her, had been as true and zealous● a Catholic as herself, was not ▓of a nature to change, Idalie knelt d▓own beside the couch, and in di▓stinct and

solemn accents made

the vow required▓. The Count de Montemar raised himself with ●sudden strengt

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d of his chil▓d.“Now blessings, blessings on thee for t▓his, my sainted one!” he sai▓d, distinctly; “thou hast remove●d all doubt, all fear; death has no

sons, su▓

A bear sleeping on a tree

o sting.God’s blessing be upon thee, love,▓ and give—” His voice s▓unk, but his lips still warmly pressed her● brow, and minutes thus passed.A cloud ▓

cceeded; a

A Panda playing with his baby

the moon, and when her light● broke forth again, Idalie knelt by the couch ▓of the dead. Chapter 4 Ida▓lie de Montemar was not long permitted to▓ indulg

nd yet did
its lustre not

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e her grief in solitude.Scarcely two mo▓nths after her loss, an express arrived fr●om Paris, and she was compelled to prepare ●her chateau and vassals for the r▓eception of the young king, the queen mother,● and court, who in their progress t▓o the south passed through Auvergne.● Idalie roused herself from the sorrow ▓which weighe

d so heavily on her spirits.Altho▓ugh chivalry had lost much of the enthusiasm▓ and warmth which had characterised i●t not half a century previous, its mem●ory still lingered in the minds of men●; and

something of this feeling actuated t●he men of Montemar as they looked o●n their youthful countess.Shr▓

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